Schedule of Events 2021

This is a working schedule. We may be making some tweaks and small changes, so please check back for a final version (Monday before the party).

Registration Information:

    • 200 capacity sold out (feel free to add yourself to the waiting list by pressing join waitlist button)
    • Proof of covid-19 vaccination required to attend. Bring your vaccination card or a picture of your card on your phone to show staff. Please do not text or email your vaccination card, just show it at registration.
    • Dedicated Registration Check-In hours are listed in the schedule for Thursday and Friday. If you are unable to make one of these times, you can seek out a Shadow Lodge staff member (they will be wearing identifiable STAFF lanyards) and they will check you in.
    • Registration gives you weekend access to official party suites 960 and 860, where we have party events, drinks, snacks, and nightly pizza.
    • You will receive an official Shadow Lodge name badge and lanyard at check-in. These badges are your proof of registration and are required in party rooms throughout the weekend.

      Party Schedule               


  • 3 pm: Room 960 Opens
    • Registration/check-in
    • proof of payment & vaccination
    • receive badge and lanyard
  • 4 pm: Room 860 Opens for those who have checked in (Please wear lanyards in official party suites.)
  • 10 pm: Pizza in 860


  • 11 am: Dupar Brunch hosted by SoCalSwitchGuy

  • 1-5 pm:  Vendors Fair 
    • Room 860
    • Sign up if you would like to vend
    • Registration/check-in available at Vendors Fair
  • 2-4 pm: Newbie Party
    • 10th floor Room TBA
    • Hosted by ColoDom & Spank4fun
  • 3-5 pm: Detention
    • –(sign up event)–
    • Room TBA
    • Hosted by Stephen Lewis
  • 9 pm: Registration/Check-In continues in 960

  • 9 pm: Party Suites (860 and 960) open for Evening Play

Friday Night Theme: YAAAYYY SPORTSBALL! Wear your favorite sports/cheerleading regalia, t-shirt, jersey, uniform, etc. We don’t care what team you root for, just come have fun. (Friendly) Rivalries encouraged… and dealt with ;P

  • 10 pm: Pizza in 860


** After Friday Night, there will be no more dedicated Registration/Check-in times. If you need to check-in after Friday night, please seek out a Staff member (they will all be wearing identifiable Staff lanyards/badges), or ask someone to point you in the direction of a Staff member.


  • 11 am: Dupar Brunch hosted by SoCalSwitchGuyDupar

  • Noon: ShadowLodge Western Academy of Traditional Studies (SWATS) 
    • –(sign up event)– Maximum 40  
    • in Room 860
    • School Roleplay event hosted by Princess Kelley

  • 2-4 pm: Ladies Spa Room 960

  • 3-5 pm: Bad Boys Party Room 860 Hosted by Harry

  • 5 pm: Cigar Social by the pool  Hosted by BradD and -JC

  • 5-7 pm: Middles Party
    • –(sign up event)–
    • in 960
    • Hosted by Alex Reynolds

  • 9 pm Party Suites 860 and 960 open for Evening Play

Saturday Night Theme: Smack in Black (Tie) Formal/semi-formal attire encouraged. After spending so much time away from the world, quarantining in pajamas… Let’s get FaNcY y’all!

  • 10 pm: Pizza in 860


  • Noon: CP Court in Room 860 Hosted by Strict Dave

  • 5 pm: Judicial Punishment in Room 860 –(sign up event)–

  • 9 pm Marco Spanko in Room 860 hosted by LordMarshall and C_P



**–(sign up event)– signifies an event that requires signing up in advance to participate. Sign-up pages are listed on the Shadow Lodge group page on Fet.