Shadow Lodge Party Event Rules

Please read the following carefully before attending a Shadow Lodge event.

These rules exist to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe experience at our events. Let’s work together to create an environment that everyone will want to come back to and enjoy again!

Shadow Lodge is a member-based social organization dedicated to safe, sane, and consensual spanking play between consenting adults. We strive to create a safe event for all partygoers, therefore play at this event must be conducted within the parameters of Shadow Lodge rules and regulations. If you notice anyone not following these rules, or have other concerns, please seek out a staff member.


This is a fully vaccinated party.  In order to receive your name badge you must show a Shadow Lodge staff member either your  physical vaccination card or a picture of your card, showing your legal name and vaccine date.  If you can not provide your card you will not be allowed in party suite areas. 

        Name badges are required in party areas and at party events. Badges and lanyards will be distributed during Registration check-in. If you are unable to make a scheduled Registration time, seek out a Staff member to help you. Anyone in a party area or at a party event without their badge will be asked to go back to their room to get their badge, or will be asked to leave.

        Permitted Play:

o   All play must occur either in the designated party areas or within private rooms. Play is not allowed in public spaces such as hallways, elevators, casino floor, bars, restaurants, etc.

o   Play in party areas is limited to spanking, impact play (e.g., paddling, strapping, flogging, and caning), or other light play (such as massage, rope, etc.). Extremely heavy play, sexual play, or fluid play is not allowed in party suites. Fireplay is not allowed on hotel grounds.

        Play Etiquette:

o   The event-wide “safeword” that should be recognized by all partygoers is RED. You are free to use and discuss your own safewords with play partners, but “RED” will universally mean that someone wants play to stop. Ignoring a safeword is cause for immediate removal from the event.

o   NO MEANS NO! If someone turns down your invitation to play, be graceful and respectful. Anyone found to be pushing for play or making others feel uncomfortable may be asked to leave the event.

o   Do not interfere with a scene that you are not involved in. You are free to watch at a respectable distance, but do not participate unless invited. If a scene makes you uncomfortable, you are free to quietly step away.

        Be careful when taking photos—other partygoers may not want to be in the background of an image you take! Pictures may be taken in party suites, but make sure to obtain clear consent. This includes people who may show up in the background of your photo. Helpful tip: angle your camera, zoom in, or face your picture towards a wall to help avoid others’ faces in the background.


o   Alcohol is not provided by the party, though it is permitted in private spaces such as private rooms and suites of partygoers.

o   Please keep in mind that this is an 18+ event. It is against the law to serve alcohol to those under the age of 21.

o   Shadow Lodge does not condone playing while under the influence. Public intoxication inhibits the safety of those trying to enjoy the event, especially those who are participating in play. If it is brought to the attention of Shadow Lodge Staff that someone is visibly intoxicated—or worse, playing while intoxicated—they may be asked to stop play or leave to sober up. Repeated offences may result in being asked to leave the event.

        We all represent Shadow Lodge to the hotel staff and the public.

o   Have fun in public but keep the spanking and kink talk restricted to party suites or private areas.

o   You must wear street legal clothing beyond party suites and private rooms. No nudity or partial nudity in public hotel spaces such as hallways, elevators, stairwells, casino floor, etc.

o   Please treat our hotel and casino staff well. If you have an issue with hotel or casino staff, please let a Shadow Lodge Staff member know.

        Please report any incidents to Shadow Lodge Staff.

o   Shadow Lodge Staff can be identified by their unique ID badges.

o   We take your safety and well-being as one of our primary concerns. If you have an incident or concern, please contact a staff member.

o   Feel free to come to us. We will address reports of consent violations, issues with partygoers, issues with the hotel or hotel staff, party suggestions, anything that needs addressing at the party. Any report made to Shadow Lodge Staff will be confidential. Staff will not share your personal information or the details you give us without your consent unless legally obligated to act (clear and present danger or immediate safety threat).


By attending a Shadow Lodge event, you agree to the above stated rules. If asked to leave you may forfeit any party fees and will still be responsible for all personal hotel and travel fees.

While Shadow Lodge is open to all people regardless of race, sexuality, gender, or creed, as a private organization we reserve the right to refuse any person or persons that we deem unsuitable to our social club. Shadow Lodge also reserves the right to refuse entry and to revoke the right of attendance to anyone at any time for any reason. 

Refund Policy 

Cancellations made more than 30 days before a party date will be issued a full refund or applied toward a future party.

For cancellations made 30 days or less before a party, Shadow Lodge is unable to issue a refund due to contractual obligations with the hotel. Unfortunately, we are also unable to apply those party fees to a future party. If our attendance list was unlimited, our refund policy would be different. But because Shadow Lodge has an attendance limit, every person who registers is taking up a spot that could have gone to someone else before the party sold out. For cancellations less than 30 days out, it is more of a hardship (and potentially unfeasible) for another person off the waitlist to make arrangements to travel, take off work, make hotel reservations, etc. Also, they would not receive the benefit of our hotel group rate since that expires 30 days before the party.

If you have to cancel last minute, although we cannot issue a refund, we would be willing to transfer a party fee. If you know someone who would like to go in your place, contact us with their information so that we can get them registered. The transfer would only be good for the same upcoming event, and any financial arrangement regarding the cost of your ticket is between you and the person taking your place.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. All we want to do is get together with our fellow spankos and have a spankin’ good time…🍑👋 But there is a lot of housekeeping and logistics that go into making that happen. Thank you for understanding the hoops we jump through to organize this event for everyone and hope to see you at a future party!